Friday, January 28, 2011

Cut the BS

I've been blogging for awhile. I've seen a lot of stuff come and go in that time. Most noticeably, I noticed a style arise when everyone's favorite "poor old ranch wife" Pioneer Woman really took off. The "self-deprecating, but my life is just what I always wanted" schtick is getting OLD people. I mean, if I have to read about another remarkably thin person making some jokey remark about their thunder thighs, I swear.

So, this blog is going to be about how sometimes, I can barely keep it together. As of right now, I am sitting in a 58 degree house next to a space heater, thousands of miles from my mom and a few hours away from my husband. You see, I live in Germany and in our rented house, I'm responsible for buying heating oil. We plunked down $1000 for some in November and were told it would last us 6 months. Well, apparently not. Now we're out unexpectedly and at the end of a month. So I have to wait to be able to buy it.

When did the heat go out? Less than 24 hours after my husband left for the field for a month (he's in the Army). On top of all this, I have some raging pregnancy hormones. So, after realizing that I would be freezing my ass off for a week or more, I sat down in the floor of the shower and cried (but not too long, because our water heater is tiny). Then I started crying because I'm due right around the time my husband leaves for his 4th deployment. It all just started piling up. And it sucked.

Of course on the outside, I act like everything is fine and I do my duties as FRG leader with love for all the families in our unit. But sometimes I just have to acknowledge that life aint pretty.

So there you have it.