Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Picky, picky

I have the unfortunate habit of creating "visions"--usually for rooms and outfits. I'll look at a dress and think "that would go great with a 1940s-ish platform heel with a wide-ish heel, but not chunky heel in black suede". (Calvin Klein made such a shoe in Fall 2009, by the way)

So, with baby's room I've been pretty specific. I am not super girly, so I knew I didn't want to do pink/purple, but I didn't want it to look like a "boy" room, either. So, I knew I wanted a white crib with a solid back. I'm not worried about it converting to a full-sized bed since we currently own 3 queen sized beds. (UGH) Well, European baby cribs are huge prison-esque monstrosities and usually come in a wood veneer (and aren't white). So those were out. Amazon has a ton! But since we can only receive mail via the USPS and it has a 77lb shipping limit, no one will ship it. Boo. So finally I relented and went to the PX. The PX utilizes a "consumer popularity" stocking system. Right now, apparently consumers are into dark cherry and espresso cribs. And if they want a white one, it's apparently a Jenny Lind style (I do not like Jenny Lind cribs). So, I had to break down and order one...it should be here in 3-6 months! Hopefully closer to 3. Baby comes in less than 5!

The bedding we picked is an alphabet theme! I love it so much--it just came in the mail today!