Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And out again

Hubby came home from a month in the field for a 4 day. He went back today with his company for some training that couldn't be fit in during the month. He left in the cover of night, as per the usual.

We decided on a name...I'm hesitant to announce it. People can be so freaky about names. I told my mom and honestly, I was terrified she would hate it! Luckily she did not :)

The doc hasn't called, so I'm guessing I didn't come in contact with rubella! It still blows my mind that I had 2 doses of the MWR vaccine and I had zero immunity to rubella.

I ate carpaccio at a restaurant afew days ago. A friend asked if I should really be eating raw meat when pregnant. What astounds me is most people don't realize that the risk of eating raw foods (eggs, meat, etc) is the same for pregnant and non-pregnant. It is the illness that poses a greater risk. If I was in the states, I wouldn't be eating raw foods because of the atrocious farming practices. But I am confident in the way Europeans treat farm animals. There is a much smaller risk of getting salmonella or e. coli from a German cow than from a bag of American spinach. And that fact is exceedingly sad.

We went to Wuerzburg the other day to get some stuff for the baby's room. She now has an armoire and a dresser/changer (well, really it's just a dresser upon which a changing pad will be placed). The only thing we have to really buy now is a crib and the mattress. I'm waiting for the big PX in Europe to get some white cribs in stock...

My classes are going well. My morning clients are awesome! They are really committed to form and they are a consistent group. My evening classes have a bit of a vagabond feel and I struggle with getting one-timers to squat correctly and not injure frustrates me.

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  1. So funny that I found your blog! I feel like we're kindred spirits...pregnant, fitness instructors/trainers, military wives (though I guess the Navy/Army thing is a slight difference!)

    So fun!