Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Names

As soon as people find out you're pregnant, they want to know what you're naming your little bean.

We have been thinking about names for years, but now it's go time! When we found out we were having a beanette, we had to start from square one. The boy bean would have had a name, but girl names are so difficult. Especially with our bear of a surname.

So, every time I divulge it's a girl, people immediately pounce about names. And then seem utterly disappointed when I don't have one that I like. Let's also consider the fact that I haven't seen my husband since we found out and our phone conversations are limited to 5-8 minute spurts regarding soldiers and families.

Plus, I'm terrified of people telling me they hate this and that, because the only person they ever knew that had that name was an obese lesbian. (Thanks, Mom)

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